UX/UI Design Process

A finished product is often more complex than its original design, but is almost certainly simpler than the dozens if not hundreds of iterations that make up its transition between initial inspiration through ideation, protyping, testing, development, and user adoption and upgrade. Below is a small sampling of the steps taken to develop the SCTracker.com supply chain tracking suite:











Field Test




GIS Jobs – Oregon

GIS jobs in Oregon, August, 2017 based on 86 job postings from Indeed.com.

Portland dominates the state job market with 42 (nearly half) of all the GIS jobs. Salem and Eugene follow with 12 and 6, respectively (14 and 7%,) with the remainder of the positions along the I-5 and I-84 (Columbia River) corridors.

Industry concentration is largely in the construction / surveying market with 17 postings (20%), followed by environmental with 16 postings (19%) and city planning / government with 15 postings (at 17%.)

GIS Jobs - Oregon

Copper Production and Profitability (2015)

2015 global copper production and profitabilty in $USD cents / pound plotted using the SNL Metals & Mining database. Most profitable country: Mexico, with a $1.30/lb profit margin. Least profitable country: Papua New Guinea, with a $1.87/lb loss.


XPO Last Mile Service Zones

A drive time analysis conducted on XPO’s 47 Last Mile locations in the United States. Data extracted using a modified JavaScript version of http://xpo.com/office-locator
to extract the addresses and Longitude-Latitude coordinates to a .csv file, which when imported to an ArcGIS project enabled the Network Drive-Time Analysis of 1, 2, and 4 hours from each location under average Wednesday, 8:00am traffic conditions. Results overlaid on a layer showing projected population growth over 2016-2021. The areas outside the coverage areas in green present potential growth opportunities to XPO, and include Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Tennessee, and West Texas.


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