In the past, the SCTracker team has travelled to 4 continents and successfully tested our mobile app in major metropolitan areas. Can our GPS tracking work in all places? In the context of the interstate highway system – traveling through as well as between the big cities – I set out on a cross country road trip to find out. Not quite sure how it would go, I brought along my laptop, camera, and with the help of a few colleagues in the trucking industry put our system through its paces. Here’s how it went.


The Results

After driving over 10,000 miles from our home base in San Francisco, visiting the Pacific Northwest, passing through the Midwest, East Coast, and returning through the southwestern United States, I was able to measure our apps ability to calculate its GPS coordinates, pick up a cellular signal, and communicate back to our servers in real time over the cloud. With a few exceptions in only remote regions of the country such as desert, high mountain passes, and the deep farmland areas of the plains states – SCTracker was able to track over 99% of the areas covered by the major cellular networks of the country. With the help of a few participating companies along the way we were able to take a look at our progress from the dispatcher’s perspective, as well as capture all the pictures and signatures that the SCTracker system enables as well.

Tips and Tricks

– Have a car charger for any trip taking longer than several hours.
– Navigation is critical when traveling unfamiliar areas and in conditions when road signs are not visible. Paper maps and atlases are great to have as backups, but both Apple and Google (my personal favorite) make excellent navigation apps (which we have integrated into our mobile app.) Hands-free devices are extremely helpful and can be found for a few dollars at a gizmo store.
– International data rates apply, so when traveling across borders be cognizant of applicable charges.
– Enjoy the scenery!

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