Command Center for your Supply Chain

View and manage your shipments in real time via Google Maps, designing and updating route plans visually, and measure on time performance data with a click of a mouse.

Monitor and manage your fleet all in one place – visually tracking vehicles and stops.


SCTracker’s routing tools enable you to plan and schedule pickup and delivery routes quickly and efficiently, updating your carriers and drivers in your supply chain to new load opportunities and changing road conditions.

Connecting with your drivers via the cloud


Coordinate with your distribution center instantly and effortless – all without making a phone call. Seamless coordination with your dispatcher is possible – no longer do you have to go (back) to the warehouse to pickup (new) paperwork, drop off completed bills, or frantically coordinate over the phone at stop lights.

A picture is worth 1000 words


SCTracker’s camera technology enables you to capture a digital picture at each point of exchange – ensuring full accountability for the shipment.

Shipment Milestones


  • Track all steps from production through delivery
  • Email alerts update your entire supply chain
  • Completely customizable

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